Alcohol free events are a positive thing says Liz Sharpe



'Alcohol-free events are a positive thing' says Liz Sharpe Alcohol Coach.

Here at the APHP & NRPC we are proud to have many experts who specialise in many different kinds of therapy. 

Our member and colleague Liz Sharpe specialises in Alcohol management. She sees people who maybe have difficulty controlling the amount they drink, perhaps their behaviour alters negatively when they drink, or drink is in some way causing problems in their life. 

Recently featured in this BBC News article, Liz talks of how the promotion of alcohol free events is a great step in getting people to understand that they can easily have a great time without the dependency on alcohol. 

If you are needing help with this problem, then Liz can be found here: 

Live Your Life Therapies - Liz Sharpe


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